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Canada's crypto taxes, simplified.

Why I built Canada Crypto Tax Report:

I worked for 7+ years as a Tax Manager in a consulting firm helping multinationals structure their investments internationally and I've been dealing with crypto since 2017. For these two reasons I started to get a lot of questions about crypto taxes.

Crypto tax information online can be hard to find and hard to understand. So, I made a straightforward and reliable report for you to easily understand how crypto taxes work in Canada.

Saves you time researching and gives you clarity without having to spend $$$$ on hefty consulting fees.

What’s included

👍 Canada Crypto Tax Overview

👍 Canada Crypto Tax Authorities Official Guidance

👍 Canada Tax Authorities Official Sources Links

👍 Tax overview of income related to crypto (e.g: on trading, mining or ICOs)

Which countries are listed?

This report gathers crypto tax information solely about Canada.

You will get the most value of Canada Crypto Tax Report, if you:

Want a clear understanding of how Canada looks at cryptocurrencies;Are thinking of relocating to Canada because of your crypto investments;Confused about how crypto taxes work in Canada for your particular case (e.g: coin hodler, trader, miner, issuer, etc.).

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Get clarity and an easy to read report on crypto taxes in Canada.


CoinTaxList 🇨🇦Canada Crypto Tax Report

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